About me

Born in Este (Italy) she soon moves to Verona where lives until 2004. In 2000 achieves an MA degree (Classical Literature and Philosophy) at the Università degli Studi di Padova, Padua, Italy and starts working with photography immediately feeling comfortable with a form of expression rich of her peculiarities: promptness, narrative synthesis, instinctive.
In 2006 wins a scholarship and attends a Master in Photography and Visual Design at Forma-NABA International Photography Center, Milan, Italy. Comes in contact with photojournalism working with Prospekt (Agency in Milan, Italy). She specializes in research and reportage photography publishing on “Il giornale dell’Arte” (Art journal), “Al limite Milano” (monographic magazine realized in collaboration with Francesco Jodice and Luca Molinari), “Interni Italiani” (Italian Interiors – a collection of projects assigned by the Istituto di ricerca GPF – social analysis insitute - and MACEF – Milan housing trade fair).In February 2007 exposes in Milan, for the Centro Italiano di Fotografia (Italian Photography Center) “B. Barcellona in Blue”. In September of the same year she realizes in the Bastione Alicorno (14th century fortification) in Padua, Italy, “Oltre Scilla e Cariddi” a performance by images and theatre pieces together with Mappamundi Cultural Association. She founded with Marta Posani PossePhotographer in 2008. In 2009 and 2010, she’s one of the authors reported the photo contest TAU Visual.In 2011 she was among the photographers selected for the campaign Milan is beautiful and she won 1st prize of “Portfolio Italia” with a work called “I love camping”. In February 2012 she exhibited in Milan, Orvieto, Roma and Padua with the work called “Volontariamente”. She exhibited for four years , in 2010, in 2011, in 2012 and 2014 at the Belvedere Gallery at the event photo “Prima Visione”. In 2012 she's one of the finalists of Ponchielli's Award. In 2014 she went in Bangladesh with an Association called Il Filo di Juta. From that trip borned a project and an exhibition Princess of Waterland. The exhibition has been exposed in Venice from march to april 2015. She collaborates with Italian and foreign magazines including Corriere della Sera, La Stampa, Il giorno, GEO, D di Repubblica, Emergency, L'Europeo, Focus Storia, Gioia, Cartier Art, Telegraph Magazine, Famiglia Cristiana.  She lives and works in Milan and Padua, Italy.